Bozeman Area

Community Programs

In the greater Gallatin area, our agency serves families in Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, Gateway, and Three Forks through our community-based programs.

Within this service area, we match adult volunteer mentors (Bigs) with local children (Littles).  These matches spend time together outside school hours, enjoying activities once a week for a couple hours. During these outings, they cultivate relationships that provide children with skills to manage everyday challenges.

We enroll children ages 5-15 into the program.  Our services are free and provided to any child who wishes to have a mentor and can form a relationship with a mentor. There are no economic or family structure qualifiers.

In our Bozeman service area, we support our Bigs and Littles through two programs:  "2-for-1 Deals" and Outdoor Explorers Mentoring Program (OEMP).  (Read below for more information.)  We also host a Match Appreciation Dinner for our matches every spring, during April (Volunteer Appreciation month).  Deep thanks to Bozeman Tree, Lawn, & Landscape for sponsoring the dinner and their continued support of our work!

"2-for-1 Deals" (formerly known as "Business with a Heart")

Local businesses provide deals to Bigs and Littles for either discounted or no-cost activities, items, or experiences.  To learn more or to get involved, contact Danielle here.

Outdoor Explorers Mentoring Program

Several times throughout the year, our agency provides an outdoor-focused activity for our matches at no cost to the Bigs and Littles.  This program is called The Outdoor Explorers Mentoring Program (OEMP).  Each activity through OEMP fosters life-long engagement with nature, stewardship, and community. OEMP connects youth with the wild places in their backyard through intergenerational place-based outdoor adventures and service-learning projects.  In addition to building outdoor skills and confidence, an important aspect of the program is relationship-building while providing positive role models who model outdoor stewardship behavior for children.  The combination of adult and university student mentors provides a wide array of perspectives for children.  The trips also provide valuable experience to university students interested in pursuing outdoor education or natural resource careers.


  • Improve awareness and sense of stewardship for public lands
  • Teach transferable outdoor habits and skills through meaningful experiences
  • Provide stepping stones for higher education and careers in natural resources
  • Enhance knowledge and leadership growth among university students, increasing competitiveness for careers in natural resources
  • Enrich relationships among generations, forming lasting networks of community
  • Complete short-term restoration work, improving health and fitness of all participants

And most importantly — have fun!


OEMP is made possible with the support of many partners:

Support provided by our dedicated donors allows us to provide valuable programs like Business with Heart and Outdoor Explorers Mentoring Program.  To support the work we do to change the lives of local children for the better, forever, click the link below.

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