Enroll a Child - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Big Sky Country BBBS Volunteer Application
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Enroll a Child

A 'Little' is a child in our program between the ages of 5-18. Our Littles come from a wide variety of backgrounds, neighborhoods and schools. Research shows and we strongly agree that ALL youth can benefit from a safe and strong friendship with a caring adult.

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Child Requirements & Commitments

  • A child is between the ages of 5-18.
  • A child is interviewed by a member of our enrollment team.
  • A child has the willingness and ability to establish and maintain a mentoring relationship.
  • A child will make a commitment to help the mentoring relationship be successful.

Parent/Guardian Requirements & Commitments

  • Parent/Guardian completes and submits the Youth Application
  • (ESPANOL: para solicitud de inscripcion para el/la joven clic aqui).
  • Parent/Guardian is interviewed by enrollment team.
  • Parent/Guardian has the willingness and ability to support a mentoring relationship.
  • When a child is matched, the parent/guardian will maintain monthly contact with the Match Support Specialist.
  • Parent/Guardian will make a 12-month commitment to the match.
  • Parent/Guardian will help pay for the child's activity expenses when possible or encourage the match to participate in low-cost or no-cost activities.
  • Once we receive the completed Youth Application, we will contact you to set up an interview.
  • A BBBS staff member will meet with you in a place you and your child are most comfortable conducting the interview. After the interview, your child will be put on our waiting list if he or she meets the above requirements.
  • We cannot predict how quickly we can match a child because we are a volunteer-driven agency, nor can we guarantee your child will be matched; our priority is to find your child a mentor who is compatible so they have the opportunity for the strongest relationship.
  • We make same-gender matches, but we sometimes do match boys ages 5-8 with female volunteers, if the boys and parents are okay with that. Parents have the option to set a preference for a same-gender match.
  • We do not match on a first-come, first-served basis. We match according to a child's compatibility with a volunteer. Compatibility includes parent and child preferences for a volunteer, as well as a volunteer's preferences such as driving distance, similar interests and personalities.
  • Our staff will contact the parent when we have a potential match to discuss the volunteer. If you and your child accept the volunteer, an official match meeting is scheduled at our office with the volunteer and Match Support Specialist staff for the match to meet and discuss expectations and goals.
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Apply Online

If you have difficulty completing this form, please call the office at 406.587.1216 (Bozeman) or 406.222.1930 (Livingston), and we will assist you.


Enroll a Child FAQ's

Fill out the form or contact our office at 406-587-1216 (Bozeman) or 406.222.1930 (Livingston).

The following are our eligibility requirements:

  1. At the time of enrollment, the child is between 5 and 15 years of age (matches will end when the child reaches age 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later).
  2. The child resides in the agency service area (Gallatin, Park, Sweetgrass, Madison, or Beaverhead Counties).
  3. The child wants a mentor and can form a meaningful relationship with a Volunteer Big.
  4. The parent/guardian can commit to consistent contact with a Volunteer Big and BBBS Staff.
  5. The parent/guardian is cooperative and desires to be supportive of the child/Volunteer Big relationship.

We ask that parents commit to a partnership with the mentor to ensure the best relationship possible. We ask for an 12-month commitment from our Bigs, and we ask the same of parents. Our staff will also check in with the Bigs, Littles, and their parents once per month for the first year of the match (and quarterly after that) to ensure its success, so we ask parents to commit to this communication.

There are several reasons your child may be on our waitlist after either inquiring to be a 'Little' or after they have been enrolled. We receive a greater number of potential Big Sister inquiries than Big Brother inquiries, and so Little Brothers may wait a bit longer to be interviewed or matched. We may not have a Big ready to be matched within proximity to where you are located or with the same interests. We do appreciate your patience. Please know that we are doing everything we can to find the right mentor for your child.

Once a Big and a Little are matched, they are assigned a Match Support Specialist who will oversee and monitor the match for its duration. Our staff checks in with each 'Big', 'Little' and their parent/guardian once a month for the first year of the match, then quarterly after that. Our staff is always available as a resource to guide and assist with any issues or difficulties, and to ensure that all parties are benefiting from the relationship.