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Big Sky

In the Big Sky area we offer multiple programs including a Site-Based program, STEM Sisters, and a Community-Based Program.

The Site-Based and STEM Sisters program matches elementary aged Littles with High School Bigs. They meet in a school setting on a weekly basis where they can develop a relationship. During these meet ups they get a chance to know each other, participate in organized activities, and have fun! If your child would be interested in our site-based program, click here for an application. If your child would like to be a high school mentor, please click here for an application.

In our Community-Based program, local adult mentors (“Bigs”) are matched with children (“Littles”) ages 5-18. Unlike the school-based program, the community-based program exists within the community and not within the school. Community-based matches spend time together outside school either on weekday evenings or during the weekend. They spend their time engaging in any parent-approved activity they wish, such as hiking, biking, arts and crafts, and making dinner. This program gives Littles the chance to build a relationship with a consistent, positive adult role model outside of school. Bigs form a partnership with parents/guardians with one common goal - to give each child the best chance for success!

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Big Sky Country, Ophir School, Lone Peak High School, and community members partner together to meet the needs of the Big Sky community with established school-based and community-based mentoring programs.

Big Sky School-Based Programs

The Big Sky school-based program, Big Sky Buddies, began in the spring of 2012. Our programs offer Littles the opportunity to grow by spending time with an older student to whom they look up. This positively affects not only the Little but the Big as well! Mentoring gives high school and middle school students a positive extracurricular activity to participate in while helping them build life skills and serve as role models. Bigs learn how their actions and behaviors can directly affect others. Serving as a Big boosts self-confidence by making a difference in a child’s life and giving back in their own community.

Our flagship program has changed names from Big Sky Buddies to Bigs & Littles. The Bigs & Littles program matches High school students 'Bigs' one-to-one with elementary school students 'Littles', and the pair meets once a week in a supervised school-based setting. Some matches also include a middle school student as a 'Little Big' or mentor-in-training.

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Stem Sisters

One of our new programs is called Stem Sisters. This program matches a kindergarten or 1st-grade girl with a middle school girl to work on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) projects each week. Additionally, female STEM professionals come each month to talk to the girls about their careers in STEM.

Beyond School

Another recently introduced program is called Beyond School. This program connects high school students to adult community mentors to develop skills needed after high school like resume writing, interviewing, professional communication, and budgeting. The matches meet bi-weekly and communicate via email. This year, we are striving to build a wide network of professionals in Big Sky to serve as mentors for high school students.